Kennel Story

My name is Eva Rozbroy, and I live with my family are living in Hungary of the middle city, near to Budapest.


My kennel name means:

Öreghegyi-"Oldmountain" Vadász-"Hunter"

I didn't want to choose an international name.


My first Basset Hounds were Aston Martin Funny Hunters of Woods and House Party The Voice of Forest. I bought them in Hungary in 2007.

At the same time there were no goals for breeding.

Later, we began go to dog shows, and my dogs were successful.

In our first show season (in 2008) Aston Martin Funny Hunters of Woods won Derby Winner title in Hungary, and House Party The Voice of Forest won Clubwinner title in Austria in 2010.

For today my both dogs are champions of more countries.


Breeding purposes I bought Vivien Turguesa playa from Slovakia in 2009, who is by Quicki Turguesa playa's and Ilona Turguesa playa's daughter.

She became Hungarian Junior Champion in the last year, and she has already been very successful in the show ring. She won Clubwinner title in Hungary in this year.


In the kennel the first litter born in 2010. MultiCh WW'06 Woferlow Single Malt and House Party The Voice of Forest mating.

Were born 5 wonderful puppies: one male and four females.

Aaron remains in the cattery, and hopefully he will be an excellent of male breeding.


The most important thing for me:

My puppies the best hands to find a safe and family circumstances to know them, therefore I'm quite careful with the future owners.

Anyone, who have is basically a good sense of humor, is blessed with a lot of patience and tolerance, and to this stubborn and consistent, and choose a Basset Hound companion for many years, will be the happy owner of an inexhaustible source of love.

I trust, that our puppies going into families, who give a lot of love and safety for them and be worthy of their love.