Planned litter

Planned Litter 2014




 B Litter 3 weeks old6

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Planned Litter

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We sell the puppies with contract, pedigree, microchip, age appropriate immunizations, passport and puppy-pack after personal talking. 


                                  Father: MultiCH HDGY'11 Öreghegyi Vadász Aaron                                Mother: HSCH HCH ÖCH HJCH HCW'11 Vivien Turguesa playa


Aaron Bratislava_20110821        Vivien HCW



The pedigree of puppies

Bassbarr on Parade at Andyne
Faburn Maverick Faburn Gypsy
Woferlow Single Malt Bassbarr September Sonet for Woferlow        Bassbarr Festive Cheer
Öreghegyi Vadász      Bassbarr Cuckoo in The Nest
Aaron Extra Edition v. Hollandheim
House Party The Voice of Forest       Jim Beam of Riverside Bahama Dominik
Black Velvet The Voice of Forest Leichester v. Hollandheim
Moonlight Melody of Riverside
Rambo Dominik
Yorin v. Hollandheim Zarah v. Hollandheim
Quicki Turguesa playa                     Emily Turguesa playa Umberto v. Hollandheim          
Vivien Qellin Dominik
Turguesa playa          Norris v. Hollandheim
Ilona Turguesa playa Umberto v. Hollandheim Karipat Ziggy-Zig
Bassbarr Song of Sixpence                                 Bassbarr Festive Cheer
Bassbarr Annie's Song